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Suspension Trouble Signs: What You Should Watch For

For those who don't have a lot of mechanical experience, your car's suspension can be a somewhat mystifying thing. You probably understand the purpose that it serves, but knowing just how it does it is a whole different story. As a result, it may be difficult to tell when there's a problem with your suspension that needs attention. Here's a look at some of the indications that mean you should reach out to a suspension repair technician.

A Rough Ride

One of the key indications that your car has a suspension problem lies in the way the car rides down the road. If you are feeling every bump along the way and your car bounces several times following each bump, that's a key sign that your suspension is worn and isn't responding properly. As your shocks and struts age, they will begin to leak fluid, leaving them less effective than they should be. This causes the poor ride. You may need to have the shocks replaced to resolve this problem.

Hearing Unusual Noises

If you notice that your car is making strange sounds, such as rattling, clunking, or knocking, the problem could lie with your suspension. This is particularly true if you're already noticing that the car rides rougher than it used to and you're hearing these sounds when you go over a bump or make a turn.

Often, loose or worn suspension components are to blame for this problem. You may find that you need new struts, new tie rod ends, or something similar to resolve the issue. Your suspension repair technician can assess all of the components to determine which one is making the racket.

Changes In Steering Response

When your car's control arms, steering rack, and other similar suspension and steering components are worn, they will directly affect the way your car's steering responds. Whether you're feeling like the steering isn't responsive or it seems like it's slipping, either issue should be addressed by a suspension repair technician as soon as possible. You might not directly equate steering issues with suspension problems, but they are interconnected, and some components of your suspension (such as the control arms) will directly affect your steering.

These are a few of the most common indications that you should watch for when it comes to suspension problems in your car. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your car, or if you have any other reason to suspect a suspension problem, you should reach out to a technician near you today for a diagnostic appointment. This isolates the source of the problem so that you can have it addressed.

Reach out to a local suspension repair service to learn more.