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When you are ready to start thinking carefully about improving your car, you should refer to your owner's manual to think about what you should do to keep your vehicle in better condition. On this website, think carefully about how to manage every aspect of your car, including what to do when you need to take care of your vehicle. Review these informative posts to learn more about what you can do in order to manage and coordinate your auto care, since it can be difficult to make sure that everything is done properly. By working with the right team of experienced professionals, you can keep your car in better shape.


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How To Tell If Your Vehicle's PCV Valve Is Going Bad

Almost every vehicle has a PCV valve, which helps handle the harmful gasses in your engine to lower emissions and minimize the amount of sludge in your oil. However, this part can become damaged over time and end up being stuck in the open or closed position. Here is how you can tell something is wrong with the PCV valve. 

Engine Error Codes

The PCV valve is a part that can trigger engine error codes if something is wrong with the part, but it won't tell you specifically that the part is not working right. You'll typically see error codes related to an issue with the air/fuel ratio when there is less fuel and more air than necessary when the valve is stuck open. You may also have error codes related to engine misfiring. Thankfully, a mechanic can help interpret these codes and narrow down the part that is broken. 

Rough Idling

Your engine can also have a rough idle when the valve is in the stuck open position. This is due to the lean fuel conditions that are allowing too much air and gas to get into the combustion chamber. It results in that engine misfiring that causes your car to shake more when it is idling. 

Contaminated Oil

A PCV valve stuck in the closed condition is going to cause your oil to become contaminated. Those harmful gasses end up going back into the intake manifold and have nowhere to go, so they end up finding their way into the oil and making it contaminated and form into a sludge. This will not be good for the health of your engine over time. 

Engine Stalling

If there is too much air coming from the engine's crankcase, the engine is going to shut down due to poor combustion performance. This can happen while you are driving because the air builds up in the crankcase from traveling several miles.

High Oil Consumption

Is your vehicle running low on oil very frequently? This can be due to a PCV valve stuck in the open position, and it allows the oil to get sucked out of the crankcase and burned off in the engine. It will eventually lead to blue smoke coming out of your exhaust system, which typically happens when the engine is burning oil.

For more information, reach out to an auto repair shop, such as British 4x4, for help identifying the problem with your vehicle.